Dance Films


I’m Here I’m There

Choreography: Jessica Heaton, Jessie McCloskey, and dancers Filming and Editing: Aleisha Paspuel Filming Assistant: Colin Langston Location: Utah Lake and Provo Dancers: Sara Beach, Mikayla Ellison, Angela Green, Emilee Harmon, Traci Jamison, Kamrie McCandless, Jessie McCloskey, Heather Norton

The sensation of deja vu has captured the attention of many. Some believe it to be a spiritual experience while others think we may be experiencing the memories of ancestors passed on to us through our DNA. Whatever it is to you, it creates a moment for pause, reflection, and curiosity.

In Memory

Choreography: Jessica Heaton Cinematography: Derek Wride Editing and Directing: Aleisha Paspuel Dancers: Rachel Robison, Jon Fox, Emilee Harmon, Claire Jones, Jocelyn Smith Location: Brigham Academy Center, Brigham City (a renovated 1903 dance school originally founded by Christian and Peter Christensen)

This film is based on the real life experiences of Margaret Greenwood, and won Best Picture at the Verve Dance Film Festival. 


Social Disdancing

With our 10 yr anniversary concert cancelled due to COVID19, we found ourselves itching to create and perform something for our community despite the barriers and challenges. What we came up with was a digital dance concert featuring WCDC and Wasatch II dancers in their homes and backyards–navigating the struggles we are all experiencing all over the world–through dance.

Wake Up The World

A RawFocus Production

Directed & Choreographed by Shay Myers & Micadyn Sanders. Videographer – RJ Idos with Idos Media. Dancers: Wasatch Contemporary Dance Company