Rebecca Aguilar’s Experience at Movers+Makers 2023

Meet Rebecca Aguilar

My name is Rebecca Aguilar, and I’m a 22-year-old dancer originally from Santa Clarita, CA. After completing my BFA in dance from the University of Utah, I was eager to find a local dance program that would offer a diverse range of classes and performance opportunities. That’s when I stumbled upon the Movers + Makers Workshop organized by the esteemed Wasatch Contemporary Dance Company. Excited about the prospect of exploring new horizons and pushing my boundaries, I enrolled in this four-day intensive.

Varied and Unique Classes on the Mover Track

Each day began with an invigorating ballet class that set the tone for the rest of the workshop. It was the perfect way to step into my body and prepare for the day’s activities. The ballet classes encouraged us to move expansively through the space and find clarity in our movements. I appreciated the emphasis on breath and the opportunity to connect with my body on a deeper level.

Following the ballet class, we delved into a series of contemporary classes taught by instructors such as Jaclyn Brown, Jon Kim, and Ruger Memmott. Each teacher brought a unique perspective and movement practice, injecting freshness, and excitement into the workshop. I enjoyed the variety of approaches and techniques presented in these classes, which expanded my movement vocabulary and fostered connections with my fellow dancers. It was a pleasure to explore new ways of moving, timing, and connecting with my peers under the guidance of these talented instructors.

One of the highlights of the workshop was the inclusion of specialized classes that allowed us to focus on specific styles or goals. I eagerly participated in floorwork, Michio Ito’s Living Legacy, and WCDC repertoire classes. Floorwork challenged me to move efficiently and gracefully on the floor, while Michio Ito’s Living Legacy introduced me to the expressive gestures of Michio Ito and their potential in choreography. Learning and performing the WCDC repertoire was a particularly inspiring experience. It gave me the chance to embody the movements that the company performs, allowing me to gain firsthand insight into their artistic style. The diverse range of classes offered during the workshop enabled me to absorb an incredible amount of new information in just a short amount of time.

Performance Aspect

The performance aspect of the intensive was a major draw for me. I was thrilled to work with choreographer Kara Robertson on her brand-new piece, Disquiet. The intimate setting of the rehearsals created a sense of connection and allowed us to witness the choreographic process
firsthand. It was a privilege to collaborate with Kara and see her vision come to life. Despite the quick pace, our group managed to create a touching and beautiful work that we proudly presented in the final showcase. Watching the performances of my fellow participants was
incredibly exciting and inspiring. It was a testament to the immense talent and creativity present throughout the workshop.

A Transformative Experience

The Movers + Makers Workshop is an excellent choice for anyone seeking a summer program that offers both performance and choreographic opportunities. Whether you aspire to perform or choreograph, this intensive provides a platform to articulate your artistic voice and share your creations with others. The four-day experience left me feeling joyous, creative, and physically fulfilled.

In conclusion, I wholeheartedly recommend the Movers + Makers Workshop by Wasatch Contemporary Dance Company to aspiring dancers. It offers a personalized and immersive environment where you can explore your artistic potential, connect with like-minded individuals, and grow as a dancer. This transformative experience has left me invigorated and eager to continue my dance journey with newfound knowledge and inspiration.