Watch Hum.ani.mali

Now you can watch WCDC’s dance film, Humanimali, at home! Don’t delay, the film is only available to rent until Dec 15th! The rental price allows you to have the film for 3 days, and can be viewed on your phone, tablet or TV – anywhere you can open a browser! Get the family together, pop some popcorn and enjoy! Don’t forget to download the program to learn about each choreographer’s inspiration!

Run time: 49 minutes

Price: $25 for a 3 day rental

Rent the film here:

View the hum.ani.mali program HERE!

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1. The bridge between the human experience and the Animal Kingdom.

From personal metamorphosis to leading your pack, and everything in between – explore these themes and more as we follow the dancers of Wasatch Contemporary Dance through “Humanimali”.