Auditions and Company Requirements

There are 4 ways to audition for Wasatch Contemporary Dance Company or Wasatch II for the 2023-2024 season in order of our preference:

1. Attend our Movers and Makers dance and choreography intensive  June 7-10 in Provo  

2. If you cannot attend the entire Movers and Makers intensive, you must attend at the very least the final audition class of the intensive which will take place June 10, 2023 from 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM. Register for the final audition class by filling out this digital form and paying for the class here.

3. Attend the LINK Audition Festival in May for a chance to be considered by WCDC and several other companies. Registration for the event is now closed but if you are attending, please send us an email at so we know to keep an eye our for you!

4. Video auditions can be accepted for Wasatch II only. Click here to audition via video.

Learn more about both companies below:

Wasatch Contemporary Dance Company

The Wasatch Contemporary Dance Company is a nonprofit organization and professional performance company in Provo, UT with roots going back to March 2010. Our mission is to invite in the Utah County community, encourage reflection, and stir to positive action. We are building a creative and compassionate community through dance. 

Main company requirements
Company members are required to attend technique class and rehearsals 1-3 days per week.  While available rehearsal days/times can shift depending on studio and dancer availability, WCDC aims to consolidate these rehearsals onto 2 weekday mornings (roughly 9-1) and one weekday evening (most likely Wednesdays from 6-10 PM). There are occasional Saturday rehearsals.  WCDC does not rehearse on Sundays. This usually results in dancers performing in 2-4 dances per concert.  Dancers are also required to help in fundraising, teaching, and other company responsibilities. Dancers receive payment for teaching for the company, schools, and workshops (varies per job), helping to run a major event (roughly 10 hr of work, paying $100), and performing (roughly $100/dance plus 1% of ticket sales). Main company members will be in the studio an average of 4-8 hours per week for 22 weeks out of the year and make on average $880-$1000 during that same time frame. Every year WCDC administrators work to increase dancers’ pay.


The 2023-2024 season will include the following performances:
August 29 at Conrad Ranch, Provo Canyon with afternoon rehearsals on Aug 19 and 26
Nov 11 at Orem Library Hall with rehearsals from Sept 5-Nov 10 and an optional guest artist residency from Aug 14-19
April 13 immersive/interactive performance at (location TBA) with rehearsals from Jan 15-April 12

Main company members will also help/teach at one of two workshops:
-Youth dance workshop in September 2023
-Adult dance workshop in February 2024 
-All company members invited but not required to participate in Movers+Makers, June 7-8 2024

WCDC Requirements:

-Must be 18 years+ to audition and participate on WCDC

-Dance degree and/or prior professional experience preferred

-Must commit to the entire season, August 14, 2023 to early April 13, 2024 (with time off from about mid Nov through mid January)

-Major performances will occur on August 29, 2023, November 11, 2023, and April 13, 2024 (These dates are approximations and are subject to change until July 2023)

-Must fill out online audition form and submit resume online prior to arriving at the audition

-Plan a 30-60 second dance solo (bring your own music on a device)

-Pay audition fee


Wasatch II

Wasatch II is designed to serve two important functions:

1. Provide performance opportunities for more adult dancers in Utah County, with lower commitment hours for those who still want to continue performing but cannot commit to a full company load
2. Create a space where dancers can improve their technical and artistic skills and familiarize themselves with the WCDC style

Wasatch II dancers have lower time commitments than main company members and can commit to just one concert at a time. Wasatch II began in 2017 as a tuition-paying company and later progressed to a tuition-free performance opportunity. In April 2022 we made the change to pay Wasatch II members 1% of ticket sales after performing in the show.

Wasatch II Requirements:

-Must be 18 years+ to audition and participate on Wasatch II

-Must commit to the 3 month concert period (Aug-Nov and/or Jan-April) 

-Must fill out online audition form and submit resume online prior to arriving at the audition

-Plan a 30-60 second dance solo (bring your own music on a device)

-Pay audition fee