Movers & Makers – Professional Dance & Choreography Workshop

June 7-10, 2023 in Provo, UT

Movers and Makers is a 4-day professional dance and choreography workshop that will hone your craft whether you are a contemporary dancer or choreographer. Tracks designed for both performers (MOVERS) and choreographers (MAKERS) will culminate in an evening performance on June 10 showcasing the works created throughout the intensive.

This dance and choreography workshop will also serve as auditions for WCDC’s 14th season, August 2023-April 2024. Applications for the full Mover and Maker tracks are now closed. If you wish to take part in remaining drop in classes on either track, you can register without an application at the button below. If you would like to audition for WCDC 2023-2024 contracts, please register for as much of the intensive as you are able to and don’t miss the final audition class June 10 from 9-12:00.

SMASH Dance Academy
188 W River Park Drive

Drop in Classes

These classes have some remaining spots and are open for drop ins throughout the week. These classes are designed for advanced/professional dancers and choreographers. Click on the registration button below to sign up – no cash accepted at the door.

June 7

12:30-2:00 PM Composition: Utilizing Your Dancers in Movement Generation with Jessica Heaton ($17)
1:40-3:10 PM Advanced Contemporary with Jaclyn Brown ($17)
1:40-3:10 PM Advanced Contemporary with Kori Wakamatsu ($17)
2:15-3:45 PM Composition: Using Rhythm and Tempo to Create Variety in Choreography with Ruger Memmott ($17)
3:25-4:35 PM Michio Ito’s Living Legacy (Japanese-American Modern Dance) with Sarah Donohue ($15)

June 8

12:30-2:00 PM Composition: Beginnings, Endings and Everything In Between with Rachel Barker ($17)
1:40-2:55 PM Intermediate/Advanced Improvisation with Jessica Heaton ($15)
2:15-3:45 PM Composition: Solos, Duets, Trios and other Groupings with Jaclyn Brown ($17)
3:10-4:35 PM Advanced Contemporary with Rachel Barker ($17)

June 9

9-10:30 AM Composition: Using the 5 Senses in Movement Creation with Lindsay Folkman ($17)
10:10-11:40 AM Advanced Contemporary with Ruger Memmott ($17)
10:10-11:40 AM Advanced Contemporary with Shanae Pearson ($17)

June 10

9:00 AM – 12:00 PM Audition for 2023-2024 WCDC Contracts ($25) This audition class includes ballet, contemporary and improvisation.
9-10:30 AM Composition: Touch and Move Contact Improv with Kate Monson ($17)
10:45-12:15 PM Composition: Improv for the Lens with Katie Bruce Sorenson ($17)

Dance and Choreography Classes and Opportunities

See a full list of class topics and schedules here.


Learn more about the talented faculty and staff at Movers+Makers!


Learn more about the featured choreographers who will be presenting work at Movers+Makers this year.

Refund Policy

Application fees are nonrefundable. Tuition refunds can only be made until March 31 (minus a $30 nonrefundable portion). If the event is cancelled and cannot be rescheduled, participants will receive their full refundable portion.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I attend Movers+Makers if I am still a university student?

Absolutely! We encourage students to strengthen their resumes and network with dancers and choreographers through this event, even if auditioning is not their main objective at this point. Meeting WCDC directors a few years before you hope to audition is also a great way to let directors see your progress and trajectory.

Can I attend Movers+Makers if I am not interested in auditioning for WCDC at this time?

Yes! One of our main goals in hosting Movers+Makers is to create a professional training program in an area where nothing similar to it exists. Even if auditioning for WCDC is not your objective right now, come take class with us and benefit from this one-of-a-kind intensive! On the last day of the intensive (June 10), dancers who are interested in being considered for company contracts should attend the final audition class from 9-12 PM. Those who aren’t interested in being considered for company contracts are invited to join the Maker track for a contact improvisation class and a Dance and Film class. 

Can I do the Makers classes during the first half of the day and Movers rehearsals in the second half of the day?

You must first talk to a director by emailing us at, but this is an option we can offer a handful of dancers.

Can I take the Movers classes but not stay for rehearsals?

We really want dancers to enjoy the whole package – training, rehearsal and performance. But we understand this doesn’t always work for everyone’s budgets and work schedules. While we give priority to those who can commit to the entire experience, remaining class spots will open up for individual sign up on May 29. We encourage you to try to attend the entire event if possible though – this is the best way to get to know if WCDC is a good fit for you, allow directors to see you through every kind of work that company members perform, and strengthen your resume in many different ways.

Can I take the Maker classes only?

If class spots remain in the Maker classes, individual class sign ups will open up on May 29.

Where will the Movers+Makers showcase be performed this year?

This year we will be performing in a studio at SMASH Dance Academy, transformed with wings, curtains and seating.

How many company contracts are you looking to fill through this event?

WCDC requires all company members to re-audition every year, so technically all company contracts are open to auditionees. This amounts to roughly 10-16 positions between the two contracts.

How many participants will be at Movers+Makers?

The Mover track can accommodate approximately 45 dancers. The Maker track can accommodate the 6 selected choreographers plus another 6-8 class members that attend the classes only (but not rehearsals).

Have more questions? Feel free to ask us anything by emailing