Restorative Dance Workshop for Adults

“You give your heart & soul to teaching 50+ young dancers weekly but haven’t gotten to take class for yourself in ages. Maybe you danced a lot in high school or college but took a break & getting back into dance is intimidating. Or you love dance but are looking for sustainable movement that is more about the joy of moving, & less about tackling the latest trendy dance tricks all the teenagers are doing. I see you. Like me, you still need dance, but the dance world tells us that we’re too old to dance, we don’t have the body to dance anymore, & we’ll just look silly or get injured trying. I spend more time at a computer writing grant applications than I do moving in the studio these days, but I still want to be able to call myself a dancer. If you feel the same, this Restorative Dance Workshop for adults was made for you.”  

Jessica Heaton, Artistic Director

About the Workshop

An afternoon of dance designed for all movers 18 years+ with at least some previous dance experience. The focus of this dance workshop is to experience the JOY of dancing and get back into the studio, regardless of your current level! Advanced dancers who want to enjoy a cathartic day of sustainable movement will also enjoy this workshop. Register by March 1! This event is expected to fill.

Saturday, March 2, 2024

Smash Dance Academy

188 W River Park Drive, Provo, UT

$43 for the entire workshop or $15 per class


Thanks to our event sponsors for making this event possible!

Looking for a more advanced workshop for professionals? Check out Movers + Makers on June 7-8 for dancers and choreographers.