Wasatch Contemporary Dance Company presents Chronology

Chronology, an evening of dance produced by Wasatch Contemporary Dance Company (WCDC), will be presented November 11 at the Orem Library Hall. Chronology explores different stages of life from carefree childhood to the transformative questions we must answer in our adulthood.

Chronology features the work of 5 different choreographers. Artistic Director Jessica Heaton will be debuting a dance film created in New York City. “Nonlinear is my passionate attempt to make sense of my ever-evolving ideologies throughout my life. Simple building blocks of belief and rationale that served me once come tumbling down like a tower of children’s toys in this dance and film collaboration, depicting the loss of simple understanding as it is replaced by complex and nuanced hope.” This project is made possible by a collaboration with Kaley Pruitt Dance in New York City, cinematographer McCall McClellan, and The Artists Residency hosted by the Center for Latter-Day Saint Arts.

Kaley Pruitt of Kaley Pruitt Dance has created a lively work titled With Abandon. “At the onset of my process with WCDC, I knew that I wanted the finished dance piece to live in a whimsical but also dynamic and vivid world.  I recognized the strong athleticism, artistry, and camaraderie within the WCDC dancers and wanted to create a work that leaned into those strengths. With Abandon is about re-living the times we’ve felt free from all inhibition and doing that together in community with others.  Some of my movement inspirations came from looking back at childhood and feeling the sense of pure abandon in that innocent time.  Other portions of the material are sourced from the flickers of that freedom that we stumble upon in adulthood, and how we can hold and relish those moments. With Abandon is a playful escape of sorts, but also a reminder for us to make time and space to be free and find joy at any age.”

The winning composition from Movers+Makers 2023, WCDC’s summer choreography intensive, choreographed by Hayley Stoddard, will also be presented at Chronology.There’s Been a Study” comments on women’s societal roles in the past and the present, exploring the ideas of women’s values and the value of a woman. The main ideas stem from shared experiences that most women encounter in their lives, but ultimately it is a dance that acknowledges the complexity that comes with being a woman.”

Guest choreographer Shani Robison brings a strong ballet influence to the show with Ascendence. About her work, Shani says,Life experiences provide daily challenges that can either strengthen or weaken our resolve to endure and continue onward throughout life. We start our life experience in a connective unit of family and throughout our lives we continue to enter and exit other connective units or relationships of love and friendship as connection and belonging are essential human needs. Some of these human relationships provide support at specific needed times and then need to be let go for a time and others are essential for survival and are continuously maintained. Either way, these dynamic relationships of family, friendship and love help us to ascend to higher personal spiritual, emotional, intellectual and physical levels where in the end we are able to stand stronger as individuals and find personal victory over all trials and challenges.”

Chronology will also feature work from resident choreographer Rachel Robinson titled Just Your Average Drama. Rachel’s work is “a playful representation of how our lives are made up of a continuous string of emotional events. What is life without a little spice?! These moments — whether they briefly flit through our day or overcome us for an extended time — are what make up the sum total experience of our lives. Being aware of the drama happening within us and around us — maybe even dabbling in some open-minded gossip?! — is a uniquely human capability that opens us up to the potential of connection and support from others.”

Wasatch Contemporary Dance Company uses the athleticism and storytelling of contemporary dance to embark on a narrative about life – the beginning, middles and ends that shape all our stories. Hailed as “superbly articulate and joyfully evocative,” WCDC invigorates audiences with innovative and meaningful performances. Come celebrate the cycles of life through movement and music at this one-night-only performance, November 11, at the Orem Library Hall.

Tickets on sale now.

Written by Kenzie Gannaway