Press Releases

Savor – April 13 in Lehi, UT

Wasatch Contemporary Dance Company and Director Jocelyn Smith invite the audience into a performance made intentionally for living in the moment and creating new memories. With deep interest in involving the full sensations of living, Jocelyn has created a choreographic work tailored to the experience of taste. Savor will play on the usual visual and auditory senses of a dance show but brings in more levels with smell, touch and taste. You won’t want to miss out on this pairing of artisan bites and inspired choreography. 

“Our bodies are already fantastic devices to experience the world.” Jocelyn has loved the excitement of Wasatch’s immersive works and interactive art in the past. She wanted to add another layer that she believes in deeply. In life our senses can fade or can be stripped from us, altered by time or illness. We should live in the moment fully while we are capable. Right now is the time to take full advantage of what our bodies are capable of doing for us. We each get that one moment with that one bite at that one show. There is something incredibly beautiful about turning these sensation-filled moments into memories we can visit at any time. 

The Creative Process

During the creative process Jocelyn would bring in different bites of food for the dancers to try before inviting them to work what they found into their bodies. These bites and feelings were discussed after an improvisation to find what was an intriguing or collective experience. The collective movement material was orchestrated and manipulated by Jocelyn alongside her own interpretation. “They’ve been just wonderful collaborators on different perspectives they bring to the table.”

When asked about her favorite piece in the show, Jocelyn raved about each piece and the journey each has taken with her dancers. There will be three ensembles and nine variations of solos. At the time of this interview the solos were in deep development with choices and directions still to be chosen. The ensemble work titled “Savory” has been in the works for a good year now and has come out powerful and exciting. “Chocolate Mousse” had a teaser in Wasatch’s previous show “Clever” in 2023 but has been transformed by a softening of intent and the dedication of the dancers. “Sour” was indeed a sour process with so many options of interpretation and mixed feelings on what sour means to each person. While sour may not be everyone’s first pick in flavors it has become a favorite within the cast. 

Art is Memory Making – Live in the Moment 

“Jocelyn has been a delight to work with,” says Chef Robyn Farr. “She is a good friend of mine, and I was thrilled when she asked me if I could do all the food for her. I have a passion for food and sharing my love of it with others. Working with Jocelyn and helping her bring what she has imagined and envisioned come to life has been so much fun. My hope is that the people will be able to join us for a wonderful evening and to be able to savor and experience the joy of food, life, and the interpretation of dance.”

Written by Kenzie Gannaway