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On Repeat
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On Repeat, an evening of contemporary dance produced by Wasatch Contemporary Dance Company (WCDC), will be presented November 11 and 12 at the Orem Library Hall. From football to family and everything in between, On Repeat explores the traditions, habits and patterns that make us who we are. 

On Repeat features the work of 7 different choreographers. Artistic Director Jessica Heaton joined forces with videographer Chase Busath and editor/director Aleisha Paspuel to create a dance film that captures the juncture between dance and football: “As I choreograph, I scribble formations on paper with X’s and O’s, showing where different dancers will be on stage and the pathways they will travel. My husband, who hails from a strong sports culture, often comments on how my notes look like football plays. This overlap from our seemingly very different worlds gave birth to the idea that football and dance could be combined in a playful way that could bring both worlds together.”  

Two winning compositions from Movers+Makers, WCDC’s summer choreography intensive, will also be presented at On Repeat. KC Lyphout of Dayton, Ohio, who was awarded the Adjudicators’ Choice award at Movers+Makers, was inspired by the poem Two-Headed Calf by Laura Gilpin. Titled Pasture, Lyphout’s work explores themes such as the innocence of youth, shared grief, and finding beauty amidst tragedy.

The Director’s Choice award recipient, Mallory Pruitt, an MFA student studying at the Trinity Laban Conservatoire in London, takes her inspiration from the symbol of the Tree of Life. About her work, Pruitt says, “The tree symbolizes both a centering of life and a simultaneous outpouring of life. This cyclical pattern of drawing in and releasing out keeps time passing and life continuing on. This piece explores the many facets and emotions that come with faith struggles and faith transitions. We are all walking towards the tree, partaking of the tree, and we all have times where we leave and walk away from the tree. The seasons change, the leaves fall and branches break, yet the trunk remains and steadies me. No matter how many times I leave, there is a gravitational pull that keeps me coming back to touch the bark again.” 

On Repeat also features a number of other unique spotlights. Dancers expertly spin on specially crafted “lazy susans” in Heather Norton’s piece inspired by internet addiction. Associate Director Jocelyn Smith explores the use of fabric to connect a network of dancers to each other. Company member Christi Harris uses nostalgia and humor within a striking contemporary framework. New company member Amy Symonds from Arizona explores the similarities between art making and tradition keeping, always striving towards innovation but often through comfortable processes we hold dear. 

This performance is appropriate for a family audience and a minimum age of 8 is suggested. The show will run approximately 90 minutes. See below for parking and entrance information.

Danceball, photographed by Jessica Heaton
Roots, Rings, Branches, photographed by Katie Bruce
Pasture, photographed by Katie Bruce
Overcoming, photographed by Flying Gull Photography

What else do we have planned for this season? Save the dates!

  • Community Technique Classes (Intermediate-Advanced Level) every Wednesday evening and Friday morning
  • Summer Soiree: August 30
  • Fall show: November 11-12 at Orem Library Hall
  • Youth Workshop at the Orem Library Hall: November 12, 2022
  • Youth Adjudication Event: Feb 4, 2023
  • Restorative dance workshop for adult dancers: March 18, 2023
  • Spring show: April 14-22 at Smash Dance Academy
  • Movers+Makers dance and choreography intensive/auditions: June 4-10

Did you know that Wasatch Contemporary Dance Company gives complimentary tickets to organizations?

If you work with an organization, especially one that serves underserved populations, we encourage you to bring your participants to a show on us! Request tickets at the link below for any group size. While WCDC will consider any request submitted, special consideration will be given to youth groups, cultural organizations, and anyone whose access to the arts is limited due to geographic or economic barriers.