Upcoming Shows

June 10, 2023

Join us for our culminating performance of our 13th season. After 4 days of intense training and rehearsals, WCDC dancers are joined on stage by dancers from across the country to perform newly created works, with one choreographer receiving a commission to stage their work during WCDC’s 14th season. Also in the show lineup will be some audience favorites from our fall and spring shows! Tickets will go on sale May 22.

Check back in late June to watch this show online!

Playfulness, connection and flow transport audience and dancers alike in this immersive performance featuring the brand-new, artfully designed Smash Dance Academy headquarters in north Provo. Weave through lobbies, studios, elevators and stairways to see dance up close in a way that utilizes the viewer’s own choices to create an experience unique to every participant. This performance will fill you with nostalgia, imagination, and curiosity as we explore the interplay of creativity and diversion.

Featuring choreography by directors Jessica Heaton and Jocelyn Smith, company members Heather Norton, Lyndi Coles, Abby Brumbeloe, Breah Duschl, Kenzie Gannaway, Christi Harris, and Daylin Williams, and internationally renowned guest choreographer Jamaal Burkmar.

What else do we have planned for this season? Save the dates!

  • Community Technique Classes (Intermediate-Advanced Level) every Wednesday evening and Friday morning
  • Summer Soiree: August 30
  • Fall show: November 11-12 at Orem Library Hall
  • Youth Workshop at the Orem Library Hall: November 12, 2022
  • Adjudication Festival: Feb 4, 2023
  • Restorative dance workshop for adult dancers: March 18, 2023
  • Spring show: April 14-22 at Smash Dance Academy
  • Movers+Makers dance and choreography intensive/auditions: June 7-10

Did you know that Wasatch Contemporary Dance Company gives complimentary tickets to organizations?

If you work with an organization, especially one that serves underserved populations, we encourage you to bring your participants to a show on us! Request tickets at the link below for any group size. While WCDC will consider any request submitted, special consideration will be given to youth groups, cultural organizations, and anyone whose access to the arts is limited due to geographic or economic barriers.